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Major Causes Of Stress At Work

by Javed Pasha
Causes Of Stress At Work

Causes of stress at work

Stress at work is a common problem. Causes of stress at work are many. Stress can be caused by many things such as: low salary, lack of appreciation for effort, lack of employee morale etc…


Organisation culture

There are a number of factors that contribute to stress at work. One of the most common causes is the organisation culture.

The way you are treated by your manager, your colleagues and other key people in the team will have a direct impact on how stressed you feel at work.

The culture of an organisation can be described as its shared beliefs, values and behavior. These are often communicated through symbols such as emblems or logos.

The most important aspect of an organisation’s culture is its vision statement which sets out what it wants to achieve for its members and customers. It should be clear, concise and inspiring so it inspires employees to work towards achieving that vision.

A good organisation culture has three key components:

A clear sense of mission

A strong sense of purpose

A high level of morale


Relationships at work

Relationships at work are a major cause of stress for employees. Many people get upset when they don’t feel like their co-workers trust them or see them as their friend.

The relationship between two people can be affected by the way they treat each other and how much they communicate with each other. If you want to improve your relationship with your coworkers, try these tips:

Listen more than you talk. While it’s important to communicate with your coworkers, it’s also important to listen more than you talk. When someone shares something personal with you, take the time to listen rather than talking about what was said right away.

This will show that you care about the person and want to understand what he or she is saying rather than trying to solve his or her problems right away.

Be a good listener. By being a good listener, you’ll find out what others think about their jobs and the challenges they face in their lives outside of work.

You may discover new approaches for helping them overcome these issues and make improvements in their lives that will benefit everyone involved in the workplace at large.


Competition at work

Competition at work causes stress at work. People who want to be successful must compete with others. Competition is not limited by age, gender or race; everyone competes for the same thing.

The reasons for competition are:

1) The desire for approval: We all want our boss to like us and appreciate our work. This desire can cause stress if it inhibits you from doing your best work.

2) The desire for recognition: If you do not get any recognition from your employer, then you may become frustrated because you feel that there is no reason why they should recognize you or pay attention to your ideas or suggestions.

3) The desire to prove yourself: Many people want others to believe that they are better than others and will do their best efforts in order to prove this fact. If this does not happen then they will become frustrated and stressed about what will happen next in their lives

Causes Of Stress At Work


Lack of support

Lack of support causes stress at work. When you lack the support from your family or friends, it can be very stressful to cope with all the pressure put on you.

Lack of support causes stress in an employee’s life as it may make him feel alone and helpless. He may not be able to get his needs met equally by his manager and co-workers.

In order for an employee to feel supported, he needs to know that he is being heard and understood.

This will be a good start for him to understand what is happening around him and how he can improve his performance at work.


Career concerns

 A new study by researchers at the University of Manchester has found that career concerns are the main cause of stress in the workplace.

The study, published in Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, examined data from over 3,000 people working in different occupations and found that high levels of job dissatisfaction were linked to higher levels of stress.

Career concerns are an underlying factor that can lead to job dissatisfaction and ultimately stress at work. High levels of career concerns are associated with higher levels of perceived control over one’s life, higher rates of emotional exhaustion, greater emotional distress and lower levels of life satisfaction.


Work environment

Stress at work is a reality for many. Work environment causes of stress at work, the more you know about stress in your workplace, and how to avoid it.

The good news is that most types of stress can be avoided by making changes to your routine or by addressing some underlying issues.

The bad news is that there are some people who just aren’t able to handle stressful environments. And in those cases, it’s important to find out why they’re having trouble so you can try to help them deal with their situation or provide them with resources that can help them cope better.


Bullying and harassment

Two of the most common causes of stress at work are Bullying and harassment.

Bullying is often defined as repeated, aggressive behavior intended to harm someone else. Harassment is a more general term that refers to acts that are intended to annoy or offend another person, but do not rise to the level of bullying.

Bullying and harassment can include:

Verbal abuse


Threats of physical harm

Sexual advances or inappropriate comments about gender, race or sexual orientation

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