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Racism In Sports

by Javed Pasha
Racism In Sports

Racism In Sports

There is an undeniable racism in sports. Whether it be in the NFL, NBA, or even soccer racism continues to exist at all levels of play.

The struggles, both within and without the sports world, have brought racism to the forefront of public consciousness. Perhaps it is time to let our athletes speak for themselves. Herein, The Undefeated presents a timeline of memorable quotes on race in sports.

While professional athletes can be heroes to millions of fans, their mistakes are just as visible. Racism in sports reflects the larger issue of racism in society, and sports often amplify issues of race and politics.

Sports can have a larger impact on society than is sometimes realized; as Martin Luther King Jr. noted: “Sport is a great equalizer, breaking down racial barriers.”


Racism In Football

In many countries, racism in football is a serious problem. Racism in football is usually noticed in national and international matches, where racial slurs and monkey chanting can be heard from the crowd.

Also discrimination may go on at the administrative level with clubs passing over ethnic players in favor of white ones, for instance.

British football is regularly hit by racism. There are racist chants, monkey noise and abuse in the stands – we need to stamp it out!

The EU’s executive hopes a new platform for data sharing and research will help clarify the extent of racism in football and develop strategies to combat it.

Racism In Sports


Racism In Cricket

racism in cricket is the common racial or ethnic discrimination that occurs in the sport of cricket.

Racism in Cricket is an international meeting of the ICC World Executives where there are discussions held between ex-cricketers, cricketing professionals and experts with representatives calling on all countries to work together and stamp out racism.

Racism in sport, particularly cricket, is the ultimate acid test of our moral fibre as a nation.  Do we remain silent at the risk of being labelled racists ourselves?  Or do we show some self deprecating backbone and call it for what it is?


Racism In Tennis

Racism in tennis is certainly not new. Althea Gibson, the first black woman to compete on the world’s major tennis circuit — and the first black player, man or woman, to win a Grand Slam singles title at the French Open in 1956 — wrote eloquently about the prejudice she often encountered when she was playing tennis in the 1950s.

Racism in tennis refers to racism at international, professional tournaments. Racism has manifested in a number of ways, including tribute acts to other players and the monkey chant.

In response to a history of racial discrimination, Racism in Tennis (RIT) was established as an institution for black tennis players, who had suffered racism during matches and tournaments.

Latin American and black American players alleged that an ingrained racism was present in their sport. A study during the mid-1980s found that 72% of young black American males felt “unwelcome” at tennis clubs in comparison with only 16% of white males.

The United States Tennis Association attempted to address the problem with ‘junior development’ camps at colleges with higher numbers of black students, such as Howard University, Xavier University and Hampton University.



Racism In Basketball

racism in basketball is a problem and the women’s NCAAB tournament is the worst.

Racism in basketball is when people express themselves by racism. This can occur at the professional ranks, college or the youth level. Inappropriate words or gestures about a player’s race may occur on court, off court, or even over social media.

racism in basketball is the belief that basketball players and managers should be selected or treated differently based on their race.

Racism has been an issue in sports for many years. It was a major issue in the early 20th century, when some teams had only white players on their rosters, but it has still affected the game of basketball today.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has seen several racist incidents over the past few years that have impacted the league. The most recent example of this came during Game 4 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals between Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.


Racism In Hockey

Hockey is a huge sport in USA, Canada and several other countries. However, racism is a growing problem in hockey like basketball LeBron James said. Racism in hockey should not be allowed because it poisons the soul of our game.

Hockey’s long-standing issues with racism have been at the forefront of the sports news cycle as of late, thanks to incidents involving Travis Hamonic, Evander Kane and Akim Aliu, who are all among the few Black players in the NHL.

Racism is an ongoing problem in the hockey community. While there have been promising changes over time, progress has been slow and must accelerate if the NHL is serious about increasing diversity in its leadership and in the game of hockey at all levels.


Racism In Baseball

Racism in baseball is the “form of discrimination and prejudice exhibited by fans and the players”, often based on stereotypes such as race, religion and ethnicity. There has been a more recent a phenomenon of racism in sports in the United States

Racism in baseball or racism in sport is defined as the exclusion of people of color from American professional baseball for reasons of racial prejudice, segregation, and discrimination.

However, the nature of the challenge differs in theory and is harder to prove as many institutional forces have contributed to the exclusion of African Americans from baseball.

Although basketball, football, and soccer were more inclusive of African Americans than baseball, it was baseball that broke the color barrier with only 3.9 percent African American players in 1946, to 25 percent in 1986.


Racism In Rugby

Rugby is a contact sport which requires structured, physical contact. The International Rugby Board (IRB) identifies racism as any form of behavior towards another person or group of people based on the grounds of race, color or national or ethnic origin.

The IRB considers that all forms of racism are totally unacceptable and has adopted a number of strategies to help tackle the problem and promote the positive values inherent to all sports.

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