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8 Major Causes Of Poverty In Developing Countries

by Javed Pasha
Causes Of Poverty In Developing Countries

Causes Of Poverty In Developing Countries

Poverty is one of the most significant challenges present in developing countries. Although there are several causes of poverty in developing countries, each country has a different set of problems. The blog post will identify and analyze some of the most common causes of poverty in developing countries. 


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Corruption

The World Bank estimates that corruption causes an average loss of 1% of a country’s gross national product each year, costing a total of $1.5 trillion in 2001. The impact is devastating – denying billions of people the chance to escape poverty and progress through development.

Corruption causes high costs to poor countries. Anti-corruption initiatives are used to control this rampant problem that affects so much of the world.

Long-term poverty in developing nations, including Africa and Southeast Asia, is now primarily caused by corruption, according to a new U.N. report. And while foreign aid can tackle government corruption, the United States must remain committed to helping those in need, say the report’s authors.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Lack Of Good Jobs

Poverty, the Lack of assets and resources to provide for basic needs, is a problem in many areas of the world. More than 1.2 billion people live in poverty, 95% of which live (primarily) in developing countries, where they are further pauperized by low-paying, unsafe, and/or unskilled jobs under desperate economic conditions. Alternately, there is another way to look at extreme poverty: it is a poverty of rights.

Before a person is able to enjoy human rights, he or she must be clothed and fed and have access to health care and education. Poverty encompasses these elements and can be the cause of death states such as malnutrition, infectious diseases, and Lack of shelter.

Poverty is a multifaceted concept involving social, economic, and political factors. It varies based on location. The same poverty that exists in rural Mexico may not exist in Nigeria or India; the fact that these people are labeled as poor or impoverished is because of the job opportunities they do have.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Weather/Climate Change

Throughout history, the majority of people living in developing countries have been poor, but not because of their race or ethnicity. Instead, they are trapped in a cycle of extreme poverty that is a consequence of climate and weather variability.

Climate change is causing poverty in developing countries through droughts and storms. The U.N. Conference for Trade and Development estimates that natural disasters caused $520 billion of damage in 2015.

Drought in southern China from 2014-2016 led to losses exceeding $100 billion. In 2015, developing countries experienced 305 weather disasters; many of those countries were both the victims and the cause of the disaster.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Social Injustice

Currently, figures show that about 800 million people live in extreme poverty worldwide for less than $1.25 a day. Poverty causes hunger, starvation, sickness, and death among innocent human beings.

Millions of people in developing countries are suffering from this challenge because of their weak economy and social injustice. About 70% of the total population living under the poverty line are women, which makes them suffer from more health complications.

Global poverty is a phenomenon that currently affects 1.4 billion people worldwide and is the focus of constant debate and criticism.

While discussions on this issue frequently revolve around economic development and long-term solutions, these approaches tend to be abstract and detached from those who are affected first-hand by the problem. In a new publication, The Economics of Poverty in Developing Countries, World Bank economist Branko Milanović provides a more practical understanding of poverty by demonstrating its links with social injustice.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Lack Of Food And Water

Poverty has many different causes and many different effects, ranging from health to education. The World Food Program estimates that 925 million people in developing countries are undernourished and that 38 million people worldwide die each year because of poverty-related causes. 

World Vision’s Poverty initiative aims to address the causes of poverty, prevent it from happening and build sustainable communities around the world.

The Poverty initiative works in over 60 countries, offering programs such as training for livelihoods, safe water, agriculture, and nutrition. Contact us today to learn how you can join us in changing the lives of those affected by poverty worldwide.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Lack Of Government Support

This should be the most important report that this organization has ever completed. The project was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and geared to determine the extent of poverty, particularly in developing countries, and to assess the kinds of support that governments provide.

Clearly defined government policies can make a significant difference in confronting poverty. Despite its high priority on the international development agenda, poverty is still a challenging issue in developing countries with continuing high levels of extreme poverty.

Causes of poverty are important to know so that we can control them.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Inequality

Poverty among children and women in developing nations is affected by inequality. The most common manifestation of this is gender inequality, where girls have limited access to education and healthcare due to the extended family’s patriarchal structure. The result is a cycle of poverty, from generation to generation.

The world is faced with a range of challenges, from climate change to global terrorism. But some of the most pressing issues facing our planet involve people living in poverty.

Millions live without the basic necessities for a healthy and productive life, such as nutritious food, safe drinking water, and proper sanitation. Inequality within societies is one of the main reasons for poverty, pushing more people into extreme poverty and preventing them from escaping it.

Causes of poverty are hard to understand but we all need to work together to control these causes.


Poverty In Developing Countries Caused By Lack Of Education

Contrary to popular belief, poverty is not the result of social and behavioral deficiencies. Rather, it’s mainly the result of insufficient education, healthcare, and opportunities.

The Lack of education in developing countries has created a cycle of poverty that keeps people from being able to help themselves and improve their quality of life.

The world has more poor people than ever before. The main cause, though, is not natural disasters; it’s that poor people are being denied the education and skills they need to build a better life. That’s why World Vision works to ensure that all children have access to quality education, as well as clean drinking water and proper nutrition.

Causes Of Poverty In Developing Countries

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